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Appliance Repair Wayne

Dryer Repair

Most people would appreciate having a crystal ball that let them know ahead of time when their appliances were going to break down. At Appliance Repair Wayne we cannot tell you exactly when your dryer will fail, but we will tell you that with proper dryer maintenance; it could be avoided. Fortunately for you, we provide outstanding dryer repair service in Wayne, NJ. Our response times are unequaled and our service rates cannot be beat. We focus on providing total dryer care in a friendly, professional manner.

Our highly trained technicians are qualified to offer the repair, installation, and maintenance of all laundry drying machines. We service the top load dryer and the front load washer and dryer too. Our experts will provide detail oriented dryer installation. We will ensure the dryer vent is properly installed. If you choose one of our budget friendly maintenance packages we will visit your home regularly to check out your appliances and ensure they are operating efficiently.

Service You Can Trust

You can depend on Appliance Repair Wayne to provide dryer service you can trust. Our main focus is on dryer repair because we know you want your unit up and working as fast as possible. If you are experiencing a problem with your appliance not drying the clothes, there could be a couple obvious culprits to the problem. Your dryer heating element could be faulty or your lint trap could be full of lint and debris. Not only is dirty lint traps a serious fire hazard; it will also keep your unit from drying items properly. We also replace broken belts and switches.

Our professionals at Wayne Appliance Repair provide the total dryer care package and we do not charge you an arm and a leg for the service. Turn to us for all of your dryer service requirements.

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We Accept All Credit Cards